Let We Not Forget

Happy 4th of July Today is the July 4, our independence day celebration.  This is in essence the birthday for our nation, but also another day to celebrate our troops.  We have done a few post in the past about supporting our troops and we believe strongly in doing so since they continue to need our support.  We do not treat our troops as well as they should treated and as a mother and friend of mom's with enlisted troops we need to always make our support loud and clear. Without their s...

5 Blogging Trends In 2015 You Do Not Want To Miss

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In the last half decade, blogging especially for business has become an industry in itself. Countless businesses and organization around the globe are competing for top flair and more page views. It is no surprise then that the most successful business blogs are those that are able to acclimatize and respond to the shifting scene of the digital world. This article seeks to highlight briefly some of the most vital trends in 2015 when it comes to blogging, and how businesses can util...

Top Social Media Trends for 2015

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Social media has quickly grown into a huge phenomenon and it’s expected that more than 2.4 billion people will be connecting with their friends and family through their favorite platforms. The rate at which the number of users is growing is pretty high and this attests to how influential the platforms are on people’s communications and engagements online. Social media platforms also determine how people do business. Here are top social media trends in 2015. Video Will Dominate ...

Remembering Our Sons & Daughters

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Lest We Not Forget Every now and again we here at Midwest Mom's Media will introduce post that are not related to social media or technology, but just a topic that we mom's care about.  We encourage you to contact us and let us know topics that you would like us to cover.  Today, we would like to reflect. One week after Memorial Day is a good day to reflect on all we should be thankful for as we enter the month of June.  We all have either been directly affected or know someone that has ...

Social Media Training Websites For Dummies

Learn social media from moms just like you.
Social media has proven to be the richest platform where one can win the confidence of many customers and build traffic. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram are the commonly used social media platforms every small or big online business must utilize for growth. Social media is essential in interacting with your customers and clients and in understanding the relevance of your products to your clients. Moreover, through so...