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Welcome to Midwest Mom’s Media

This is the blog for mom’s thatword-cloud-679937_1280 want to learn more about blogging, social media, and technology.  Here mom’s from all walks of life can get the information they need to stay informed about what is going on in these two industries.

Oftentimes there is so much information out there on blogs and websites about social media and technology that it is hard follow and understand everything.  This is where we kick in.  We have experts that swift through all the blogs and websites and present you with the most relevant information to help you understand the basics and beyond if you want to know them.

We present the information in a way to educate you and inform you without all the technical jargon that may go over a lot of people’s heads.  If we do use the jargon we do our best to define the words/terms so you can understand what the concepts are all about.

Social media is covered in terms of what to look out for on the different platforms and we will begin with an introduction for those that are not very social media savvy.  We cover the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others.  So when you have a question look at our website first, since we may have the answer you need.  If we don’t have the answer contact us so we can get your questions answered to help our entire community of mom’s.

We are here to help all mom’s become more savvy about social media and technology, so we look forward to educating you and you helping to educate us with your comments, suggestions, and personal experiences.  As we grow our readership we would like to offer more mom’s the ability to write in and contribute to this website and have your voices heard.

Again we welcome you to the blog built by mom’s for mom’s.

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